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When Worship Resumes, Please Join Us at St. Mark's


10:30 am - Holy Eucharist (Livestream)

In-person services resume Nov. 1, 2020

(registration required)

Holy Eucharist with Healing Prayers

Every Wednesday at 12 Noon

St. Mark's Episcopal Church

134 North Division Avenue

Grand Rapids, MI 49503


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Please, consider prayer as often today as possible, joining with voices around the world consecrating the work day, the play day, the day of relaxation or renewal.  Simply click on this link and go to the pull down for the time of day you wish to pray.  The prayers, psalm and other Scripture passages will be right there.  Let us pray for ourselves, for all those suffering from the Virus and for a resolution and end to the Virus as soon as possible.  Peace and health to you.

~  Christian+

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From the Archives Display

Meet Peter Peirce

See His Story in the "From the Archives" display in the back of the Sanctuary.

St. Mark's Statement of Inclusion

In beautiful downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, St. Mark's Episcopal Church is a growing, welcoming, and affirming community of faith in a vibrant urban community. In our worship and in our service to the community, we proclaim that all people are worthy of God's love. We celebrate and uphold the dignity of all people whose ethnicity, cultural heritage, and denominational traditions are examples and celebrations of God's love. We welcome visitors and parishioners from all social, political, and educational backgrounds, and all abilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities. We affirm all people and celebrate diversity, as we work to fulfill God's love for all people as a community of faith.

"For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life."

John 3:16

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Our House of God is also the oldest standing public building in Grand Rapids. This historic building is one of the most beautiful churches in all of Michigan. Come visit us and take a tour of this magnificent house of worship.


We want to help you grow in Christ, and we have many different ministries intended to foster that growth. Our detailed Ministry Roster includes every ministry. Please also explore our different ministries by clicking "READ MORE" below.


We encourage you to join us this Sunday at either our 8:00 am or 10:30 am worship service.

You will find peace and love here.

Acceptance and openness is what St. Mark's is all about. No matter your past, you will find a comforting home of worship here.


Transforming Generosity


St. Mark's Episcopal Church

134 North Division Ave

Grand Rapids, MI 49503


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