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Your Generosity

A Proud History: A Bright Future

Through careful planning, presentations, witness talks, informative letters and cards, we are asked to pledge to our life together in 2022.  We need as many of us as possible to financially commit to our ministry at St. Mark's.


The proposed budget for 2022 is $660,270, and the current designated amount for pledges is set at $500,000.  It is that goal which is needed to balance the budget for 2022.  


Please, prayerfully consider your commitment to God at St. Mark's whether you are near or far, as we continue to do our best to be the mission of God in Christ at St. Mark's. 

You can bring pledge donations each week you attend services, you can give online (see the donation button below), or you can set up automatic withdraws from your bank account. Regular giving ensures our ministries are funded and can continue into the future. 


Blessings and thanks. ~  Christian+ & Stewardship Ministry

General Donation

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