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Community Organizing Grand Rapids
(formerly Micah ministry)

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Faith communities all care about the well-being of their people and community. At St. Mark’s, our mission is to be an inclusive community of faith, reflecting Christ’s love, ministering to all who hunger in body, mind, and spirit.

We do a pretty good job of helping others, but it’s harder for us to address root causes of injustice—income inequality, gentrification, bridging racial divides, and so on.

St Mark’s is now working with other faith communities in Grand Rapids to build a broad-based organization with the Industrial Areas Foundation, the nation’s largest and oldest network of faith and community groups. We are aiming to build power together, across lines that so often divide us.

We now call this ministry "Community Organizing Grand Rapids," seeking to address fundamental inequalities in our community. 

If you would like to talk with one of us, please contact a member of our core team: Deacon Jan Gockerman, Fr. Christian Broccato (ex officio), Julie Connors, Kathryn and Rob Marmion, Carmela McIntire, Cathy Stevens, and Wendy Wenner.

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