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Recent Acts of Generosity at St. Mark's

Downtown Food Pantry Success: March-April 2020

Blessings and many thanks for the great outpouring of care for our neighbors. Our food drive was remarkably successful with an amazing amount of non-perishables and fresh produce which we gathered over a period of a week and which we delivered to Westminster Church on behalf of St. Mark's. Just as delightful as that was, we have collected $4,100 in cash donations which will be sent in a check to the pantry on our behalf. Thank you so very much to all you have given so generously to help feed our neighbors.

Diaper Drive: May-June 2020

We participated in the tenth annual St. Mark's Diaper Drive during the month of May. A schedule was posted for drop-off days and times, a similar process to that of the Food Pantry Drive with safe deliveries to the middle hall back door of the Parish House. We set a high goal and were grateful for the many boxes of diapers which were purchased, dropped off, and then delivered that babies in need would be comforted.

school supplies.jpg

School Supplies Drive: August-September 2020

Recognizing the needs of children in two local schools, we went to work and gathered boxes and boxes of needed school supplies for children. As always, St. Mark's parishioners were wonderfully generous for which we were grateful.

Clothing Drive for Our Neighbors: September-October 2020

As winter is approaching, we reached out to parishioners for hats, gloves, scarfs, and winter coats. These and other items of clothing were made available during our Breakfast Cafe on Saturday mornings when we offer a lunch bag to our neighbors and were also able to offer them needed clothing. Many thanks to all who have given so that others might be a bit warmer this season.

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