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Stewardship Gift Sunday, November 18th

Our Stewardship Program for 2019, Transforming Generosity, will include a benchmark this Sunday. Sunday is Stewardship Gift Sunday or Stewardship Commitment Sunday.

Several months ago, Stewardship Ministry determined that we have the potential of 255 pledges. For 2019, the Finance Ministry determined that the pledged amount needs to be $526,558 toward an overall budget of $750,000. To date, we have received $290,615 from 81 pledges, for which we are very grateful. We are hopeful that we will meet our goal for 2019.

This Sunday, pledge cards and pens will be available in every pew. Following the final Stewardship Witness from Stewardship Chair, Roger York, there will be prayerful silence and a special collection of pledge envelopes will follow.

Please, consider how blessed we are in life and how especially blessed we are when we give. Through our generosity, we can be transformed into even more faithful followers of Jesus.

May God guide us and lead us, as we offer our gifts in service to God and God’s mission at St. Mark’s in 2019.

Blessings and thanks!

Pledge Cards for 2019 are Due

~ Christian+

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