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New From the Archives - Mr. & Mrs. Uhl

Check out Mr. & Mrs. Uhl at the "From the Archives" display in the back of the parish sanctuary.

Edwin Uhl wore many hats besides Vestryman and Warden of St. Mark’s. This photograph was taken when he was the mayor of Grand Rapids. Before that he was a prominent lawyer and prosecuting attorney in Washtenaw County. He moved to Grand Rapids in 1876 and was president of Grand Rapids National Bank. In 1893 he was an Assistant Secretary of State for the Grover Cleveland administration. Three years later he became the U.S. Ambassador to the German Empire where he and Mrs. Uhl enjoyed very close and friendly relations with the imperial court. Alice Uhl and her two daughters were reportedly favorites at he court because they not only spoke German, but were talented, enthusiastic musicians. Mrs. Uhl was involved with

Mr. & Mrs. Uhl

numerous civil activities such as the Daughters of the American Revolution. A founding member of St. Cecilia Society of Grand Rapids, she actually laid its cornerstone in 1893.

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