Outreach & Christian Justice

St. Mark’s Church has a long tradition of charitable giving and community involvement. In the earliest days of the city, St. Mark’s established a hospital, college and nursing school. Today, we help relieve hunger and homelessness in our neighborhood through the financial and volunteer support of several downtown agencies.

St. Mark’s parishioners serve breakfast to as many as 200 of our downtown neighbors every Sunday morning in our parish hall. We also organize and participate in Spa Days for women, foot care clinics and other activities that address the needs of our neighbors in need.

While providing food and shelter fulfills a critical mission, we also work on long-term goals of Christian Justice—helping people develop the skills they need to lift themselves out of poverty and to advocate for change in policies and attitudes that keep people marginalized.

As a congregation, we are active in Healing of Racism Ministry, strongly support LGBT issues, and promote understanding of social issues within the parish.

St. Mark’s supports the following agencies and organizations with financial and volunteer support:

Food & Living Supplies

  • Access/Hunger Walk

  • Westminster Food Pantry

  • God’s Kitchen

  • Kids Food Baskets

  • Great Start Diaper Drive

Education and Christian Justice

  • Heartside Ministries

  • Arbor Circle

  • On My Own

  • Explore and Soar Reading Club

  • Schools of Hope Reading program

Housing & Families in Transition

  • Dwelling Place

  • Safe Haven

  • Transitional Housing

  • Ransom Towers


If you’re interested in volunteering in one or more of the programs we support, please contact the church office.


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