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Acts of Generosity at St. Mark’s

Downtown Food Pantry Success!

Blessings and many thanks for the great outpouring of care for our neighbors.  Our food drive was remarkably successful with an amazing amount of non-perishables and fresh produce which we gathered over a period of a week and which we delivered to Westminster Church on behalf of St. Mark’s.  Just as delightful as that was, we have collected $4,100 in cash donations which will be sent in a check to the pantry on our behalf.  Thank you so very much to all of you have gave so generously to help feed our neighbors.


May Diaper Drive

Please, consider purchasing diapers for the tenth annual St. Mark’s Diaper Drive during the month of May.  A schedule will be posted for drop-off days and times, a similar process to that of the Food Pantry Drive with safe deliveries to the middle hall back door of the Parish House.  That door has the Parish’s address on it as well as a colored cross in bright yellowish tape.  We are setting a high goal this year as part of our tenth anniversary for the Diaper Drive.  Let us be as generous as we are able in hopes that babies in need with be comforted. 

Blessings and many thanks for your generosity!


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