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Newly Restored Baptismal Font

After several long hours of hard work, parishioner Chris Trevathan has lovingly restored our baptismal font near the front doors of the sanctuary to its original beauty and luster.

Chris tells us it took six hours to restore the wood finish and another 6 hours to restore the luster of the brass bowl. His dedication and hard work have paid off beautifully.

This baptismal font originates from June 19, 1886, and is truly a work of art.

See pictures below but be sure to check it out in person the next time you're in our sanctuary. It is stunning.

Many, many "thank-yous", Chris, from grateful parishioners! 

Trevathan 01_edited_edited.jpg
Trevathan 04_edited_edited.jpg
Trevathan 02_edited_edited.jpg
Trevathan 03_edited_edited.jpg
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