Leadership Ministries

The Vestry is the elected body of members who set direction and oversight for the mission and ministry of the church. Each serves for three years. The Vestry meets monthly on the fourth Tuesday of the month starting at 6:00 p.m.; meetings are open to all.

Chris Trevathan, Senior Warden
Michelle Jennings, Junior Warden
Andrew Knapp, Clerk

Roger York, Treasurer (Ex Officio)

Vestry Members 
Through January 2021: Nancy Dodge, Kate Dykema, Scot Gugle, Michelle Jennings, Andrew Knapp

Through January 2022: Mike Armour, Brandon Beyer, Brian Topolewski, Chris Trevathan

Through January 2023: Dawn Buller, Judy Freeman, David Ilem

Ministries at St. Mark’s focus on specific projects and services inside and outside the church.  For more information, visit the pages or contact those listed below.

Fellowship Ministry:
Parish Life: Michelle Gordon

Communications: Kate Pyles, David Messelink, Josh Swett, and Kenny Williams-Buck

Formation Ministry:
Children’s Formation: Laura Kozminski

Youth Formation: Jeff Brown

Adult Formation: Christian Brocato

Library: Charles Brown

Health: Sue York

Worship Ministry: Christian Brocato

Altar Guild: Margaret Stretton

Ushers: Tom Burr

Stewardship Ministry:
Endowment Chair: Wendy Stock
Finance: Roger York 

Facilities: Michelle Jennings
Stewardship: David Buller


Outreach Ministry:
Breakfast Café: 
Dismantling Racism: Julie Connors
Outreach: Mother Sue York