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St. Mark's
Dismantling Racism Ministry

Since its founding in 2000, the St. Mark’s Dismantling Racism Ministry has been active in equipping members of the St. Mark’s community with knowledge, skills, and opportunities to respond to the sin of racism and take appropriate action.


Through book discussions, workshops, field trips, the Episcopal Sacred Ground Curriculum, and other activities, the Dismantling Racism Ministry educates about the reality of racism and its effects in the United States and our local communities and about the role of the Church in realizing God’s vision for a Beloved Community.



Through its partnership with the St. Mark’s community organizing ministry, the Dismantling Racism Ministry provides opportunities to apply knowledge and skills in working with other organizations through “Together West Michigan” in dismantling sources of inequality and injustice.

For more information or to join the Dismantling Racism Ministry, contact the ministry chair or any other member.


Chair: Anne L. Hiskes


Members: Becky Bocskey, Judith Claytor, Julie Connors, Kate Dykema (Vestry Liaison), Karen Hunter, Abe Joshua, Roger McClary, Milton Roye, Wendy Wenner

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